CompSysTech Local Proceedings

CompSysTech'13 Local Proceedings
ISSN 1314-9687, University of Ruse, 2013

Preface, Organization, Table of Contents

Session I: Operating Systems and Computer Networks

  1. Reducer : A tool to reduce redundant Disk I/O
    Suhas Aggarwal

Session IV: Image Processing and Computer Vision

  1. Denoising of Electrocardiogram Data with Methods of Wavelet Transform
    Galya Georgieva-Tsaneva, Krassimir Tcheshmedjiev
  2. Automated abrasion segmentation in medical images
    Borislav Banchev
  3. Applying a Process-Oriented Algorithm for development of Automatic Number Plate Recognition System
    Atanas Atanassov

Session VIII: Data, Data Mining, Data Representation and Knowledge Management

  1. Ontology structure evolution in a framework for building ontology based information systems
    Samuil Nikolov

Session XI: Educational Aspects of Computer Systems and Technologies (e-Learning)

  1. Teaching Computational Thinking for High Performance Programming
    Iliya Georgiev, Ivo Georgiev
  2. A Preliminary Analysis of the Effectiveness of Myro/Java In Computer Science 1
    Douglas Harms

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