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António José Mendes
Associate Professor, Department of Informatics Engineering, Faculty of Sciences and Technology, University of Coimbra, Portugal

Keynote on: Computer Science Education Research - Key Areas and Current Research

Biography: António José Mendes holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering with a specialty in Informatics. He is an Associate Professor with Habilitation at the Department of Informatics Engineering (DEI) of the Faculty of Sciences and Technology of the University of Coimbra, where he teaches Programming courses. His research interests are focused on Computer Science Education and Distance Learning. He is the author/co-author of over 180 papers in international journals and conferences. According to Google Scholar, these publications received more than 3600 citations. He was Director of DEI between 2013 and 2017 and scientific coordinator of the University of Coimbra Distance Learning Project between 2010 and 2021.

Maya Dimitrova
Professor, Institute of Robotics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Keynote on: Psychosocial and Psychophysical Aspects of the Interaction with Humanoid Robots: Implications for Education

Biography: Maya Dimitrova is currently a professor at the Institute of Robotics of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. She received her MSc (by research) in Psychology from Warwick University, UK (1995) and her PhD in Applications of Cybernetics in Different Areas of Science at the Institute of Control and Systems Research of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (2002). She has worked on interdisciplinary topics of psychology, computer science and social robotics. She co-edited the book “Cyber-physical Systems for Social Applications”, published in 2019 by IGI Global, USA. She coordinated the participation of IR-BAS in the project, funded by the program Marie Sklodovska Curie of the EC, No 777720 “CybSPEED: Cyber-physical Systems for Pedagogical Rehabilitation in Special Education” (2017-2023) with beneficiaries form Spain (coordinator), Greece and France, and partners from Japan, Morocco and Chile.

Candelaria Hernández Goya
Associate Professor, University of La Laguna, Spain

Keynote on: Refining Security: Innovations in Cryptographic Protocols for Secure Solutions

Biography: Candelaria Hernández Goya, Associate Professor at the University of La Laguna (ULL), brings over 25 years of research experience to her role. She has led pioneering research in advanced cryptographic protocols, including Zero Knowledge Proofs, and has addressed challenges in user identification and key management for ad hoc and vehicular mobile networks. Her work spans from ensuring data security in medical environments, as evidenced in doctoral theses, to securing IoT applications for Smart Environments. Currently, she is engaged in research analyzing how to enhance security in Federated Learning through cryptographic primitives. She has contributed to over 20 research projects and holds a patent related to redundant multifrequency control systems for unmanned vehicles. Candelaria has also held leadership positions, including Head of the Department of Computer Engineering and Systems, Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics, and Director of the Master's Program in Mathematical Modeling.

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